Website promotion and website optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's the technique of escalating the quantity of visitors to a Web site or you can say its a part of search engine marketing seeks to get better the quantity and quality of visitors to a web site. The greater part of web traffic is driven by the major commercial search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! Search engines constantly works towards refining their technology to crawl the web more severely and return progressively more relevant results to the users. The higher a Website ranks in the Search Engines, more users will visit the website it means you will get high traffic. In other words you can say that Search Engine ranking of a website is Directly Proportional to the traffic of website. Whatever you are doing you are selling gifts, health products or providing education, SE's are the most important method of navigation for users. So if a website is ranking for its keywords than it means you will get more visitors via search.

Our Service Features:

  • We execute a comprehensive analysis of your website to recognize Search Engine optimization opportunities. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your site and work with you to improve your online presence in the major engines.
  • We spot objective keywords from methodical keyword study for utmost brunt. Relevant and unique content is the key for top search engine positioning.
  • We start with Title and Meta Tags and work through the on-page text content and layout and internal linking of your web pages to ensure proper page formatting and keyword relevancy.
  • Manual Directory Submission - We do Link Building by step by step. First we submit your website manually to 1200 plus Free SEO friendly Directories. These entire directories are in crawled in all major Search Engines. You get free one way links in categories of these directory pages. We have good success ratio as we are submitting your website. We have team of 12 experienced hand submitters for this job.
  • Linking Building Campaign – Then we move towards the most important part of SEO it's called Links Building. We do Theme based one way Link Building. We target 5 most essential key phrases in this campaign. We place links to your website on theme based websites. The pages where we place your website link are indexed in Google and have some PR as well.
  • Reciprocal Link Building – It's essential part of our Link Building Campaign. In this we need a link page on your website to build theme based links. The link page should be indexed in Google and should have some PR as well. We add theme based links on this page and in exchange the website linked on this page will link to your website.
  • Manual Article Submission – In this service we need an Article from you. Article should be at least 500 Words long. We use maximum of 3 links in the footer of article and we submit your article to one of the best article directories on the net. You get links in relevant content. The best part of this service is you article get syndicated to many more article directories after submission.
  • On an ongoing basis we monitor our Manual Directory submissions, Manual Article submissions and one way and reciprocal Link Building Campaign. We perform amendment optimization. We will send you regular reports on your job.

Our services are ritually planned, keeping in view your specific business needs. We're honest and professional and we believe in 100% client satisfaction. Please mail us a for more information.